Israel’s brutal offensive on Gaza continues as death toll nears 30,000

The UNRWA said that it was last able to deliver aid to Northern Gaza on January 23 and warned that the situation is a “looming famine” and a “man-made disaster”

Israeli forces escalate siege on Nasser hospital, several patients killed

After more than three weeks of intense bombardment of the hospital, Israeli forces have stormed the hospital as the war on Gaza reaches 134th day

Israel declares war on Rafah, the last safe zone in Gaza

Israel is going ahead with its all out assault on Rafah despite strong condemnation by world leaders and aid organizations

Israel rejects Hamas’ ceasefire proposal, Netanyahu declares “no other solution” but war

Hamas had proposed a 135-day agreement which would have seen the release of all hostages in exchange for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners and “complete and sustainable calm.” The proposal was a response to the “Framework Agreement” mediated by Egypt, Qatar, and the US in Paris last week.

“The Paris proposal is an Israeli proposal in contradiction with the demands of the resistance”

The latest diplomatic efforts by the United States, Egypt, and Qatar have produced a widely unpopular deal which would not even secure a permanent ceasefire

Iran accuses Israel of using “blind terrorism” to cover up its military failures in Gaza

Israel has been carrying out air strikes in Lebanon and Syria allegedly targeting Hezbollah and Iranian targets in clear attempts to provoke a regional war

Israel is playing a dangerous game in Lebanon

Israel has repeatedly bombed Lebanon, killing civilians and Hezbollah fighters alike. Hezbollah has retaliated with complete restraint thus far in order to avoid a full scale war

Deflect and deny: Israel responds to South Africa’s accusation of genocide at ICJ

On January 12, Israel responded to the allegations of genocide raised by South Africa at the ICJ. The court will now decide if it will grant Pretoria’s request for urgent measures, including a halt on Israeli military operations in Gaza.

Israeli war in Gaza revives Arab solidarity with Palestine

Almost 90% of all respondents in a survey believe that Operation Al-Aqsa Flood was legitimate act of resistance against Israeli occupation

ICJ begins genocide hearing against Israel, as bombing of Gaza continues

The UN has also raised alarm over the lack of aid deliveries to Gaza, warning that blocking aid and medical supplies could force the remaining three operational hospitals to close

Blinken’s window dressing tour of Arab capitals

Biden’s interest narrows down to prevent the war from spreading in the region lest direct American military intervention becomes necessary. The US rhetoric and diplomatic posturing largely aims at damage control in Washington’s relations with its erstwhile allies in the region.

Hezbollah warns Israel of retaliation, calls out international community for inaction

Tensions continue to rise between Israel and Hezbollah following the Israeli strike on Tuesday in Beirut which killed senior Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri