Health for all
Universal Health Coverage: A failure of implementation or strategy?

Halfway to the 2030 deadline for Universal Health Coverage, the world is severely off track. Nearly half of the global population lacks access to essential health services, with one in four facing devastating healthcare costs

5th People’s Health Assembly calls for the transformation of health systems

Activists at the 5th People’s Health Assembly called for the transformation of health systems, and to build strategies and unite struggles against privatization and corporate capture

5th People’s Health Assembly begins in Mar del Plata

Hundreds of health activists are gathering at the 5th People’s Health Assembly to discuss strategies for health justice amid the crisis in Argentina and the Israeli war on Gaza

Candidates in India’s election must prioritize health, suggest activists

Health network Jan Swasthya Abhiyan recently launched the People’s Health Manifesto, calling upon all parties running in India’s election to commit to improve the quality and access to care in the country

What to expect from the 5th People’s Health Assembly?

Health movements from around the world will debate strategies and tactics at the 5th People’s Health Assembly in Mar del Plata, Argentina, as Javier Milei’s brutal privatization policies attack public services in the country

WHO’s Economics and Health for All: a promising start?

The World Health Organization is trying to unshackle economics from traditional confines to prioritize health, signaling a radical departure towards a more holistic understanding of societal well-being

WHO EB endorses Global Health and Peace Initiative, calls for continued strengthening and financing surge

Members of WHO’s Executive Board endorsed the Global Health and Peace Initiative, opening the door for more discussion on peacemaking role of health around the world

Afghanistan faces multiple crises rooted in failure to build a robust health system

The health system in Afghanistan continues to struggle with a lack of funds and structure while pressures increase. Governmental policies and climate change and adding to the burden

New round of Universal Health Coverage policies lies ahead despite missed targets

The WHO Executive Board is poised to propose enhanced Universal Health Coverage policies despite disappointing outcomes. UHC-based policies are failing in achieving the goals of increased access to healthcare and financial protection from health expenditure

Will WHO members seize the moment to fight against inequities?

The WHO’s Executive Board is meeting for its 154th session in Geneva from January 22-27. Countries are edging towards the set deadline for finalizing the Pandemic Treaty, yet much more remains to be discussed

Bangladesh dengue outbreak unmasks weakness of public healthcare system

The number of dengue cases has surged in Bangladesh with the disease’s pattern and severity changing and rural areas bearing the brunt. As public health facilities struggle to cope with the number of cases, patients are facing extreme financial difficulties

Buen vivir as a pathway to health for all

The People’s Health Movement announced updated plans for the 5th People’s Health Assembly, to be held in Mar de Plata, Argentina, in April 2024