Human rights activists
No improvements to health system after one year of Marcos Jr administration

Despite promises of improvement to health services delivery and the health insurance model, the people in the Philippines are still struggling for access to good health care.

Persecution of activists Philippines As long as we are here, we will keep fighting: Filipino health activists brave repression

Following the election of Bongbong Marcos as president of the Philippines, health activists remain worried about the impact his presidency might have on the status of human rights in the country

Political Prisoners Political freedom in 2018: How governments responded to dissent this year

From terror plots to national security threats, political dissenters faced several charges and labels for raising their voice and questioning excessive power

“These days shall also pass, like a thousand days have before them”

Since the extreme right-wing government of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in 2014, there has been an increasing crackdown on political and student activists, who are often branded as Maoists and anti-nationals.

Police crackdown against human rights activists across India

All the activists were involved in various people’s movements and struggle against state repression and corporate exploitation.