Illegal Israeli settlements
Israeli ministers join thousands of settlers in calling for colonization of Gaza

While PM Benjamin Netanyahu has so far denied Israel’s plans to occupy Gaza, ministers in own Cabinet have joined thousands of colonial settlers in calls to “return” to the Strip.

After expelling Palestinian workers, Israel turns to the Global South for labor

Israel has thus far signed agreements with Kenya and Malawi to bring in workers to its agricultural sector, which has otherwise relied on Palestinian and Thai migrant labor

Israeli apartheid Over 800 academics join their voices in saying: the Israeli occupation of Palestine is apartheid

The letter has garnered as many as 800 signatures since first being released on Friday last week. It is being hailed as a significant development, particularly due to the large number of Jewish intellectuals who have signed onto it

Palestinian child killed Israeli forces kill two Palestinians as raids continue across occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

Earlier in the week, Israeli forces conducted multiple raids across the occupied West Bank, with settler attacks and other acts of violence against Palestinians also being reported

Aguilera concert Israel Rights groups, activists urge singer Christina Aguilera to cancel concert in Israel 

Christina Aguilera’s concert is set to take place at Live Park in the city of Rishon LeZion which has been built upon several demolished Palestinian villages. Activists have urged her not to cross the international picket line

Sub Laban family eviction Israeli forces illegally evict Palestinian family from East Jerusalem home

After the Sub Luban family was evicted, their home was given to illegal Israeli Jewish settlers in violation of international law. The family has been fighting to retain its house for over 45 years

European parliament committee recommends EU collaborate with ICC to probe Israeli war crimes European parliament committee recommends EU collaborate with ICC to probe Israeli war crimes

The resolution by the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee regretted “”the limited progress on the ICC investigations in war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the occupied Palestinian territories” and called for helping the ICC and its prosecutor move forward with the investigation and the prosecution

Israeli settlement construction Israel approves thousands of illegal settlement units in occupied West Bank

The sanction for 5,700 housing units was described by a Palestinian government official as an “open war against the Palestinian people.” He added that “all settler colonialism in all the occupied Palestinian territories is illegitimate and illegal”

Settler violence West Bank Israeli settlers attack Palestinian villages and towns for fifth day in a row

The death toll from the settler attacks and raids by the Israeli security forces since last Tuesday rose to 16 on Sunday. The settlers and security forces also caused extensive damage to Palestinian homes, cars, farmlands, crops, and crucial civilian infrastructure such as electricity grids

Israeli settlers attack West Bank villages and towns for second day, one Palestinian killed and over 35 injured 

The settler violence caused widespread damage to Palestinian property, with hundreds of cars and dozens of homes completely burnt

Israeli Homesh outpost in West Bank Israel starts resettling former illegal outpost of Homesh in occupied West Bank

Earlier this year, the Israeli Knesset approved a bill that legalized Homesh along with three other illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank—namely, Sa-Nur, Ganim, and Kadim—which had been evacuated in 2005

Palestinian deaths Three Palestinians killed in Israeli raids in Nablus and Jenin

A large number of Israeli soldiers—accompanied by special forces, armored vehicles and bulldozers—carried out the dawn raid at the Balata camp in Nablus. Another raid was simultaneously carried out at the Jenin refugee camp