industrial action
Autoworkers brought car manufacturers to their knees and won big

UAW workers end their “Stand Up Strike” after reaching historic agreements with three largest automobile manufacturers in the US

Truckers’ strike in South Korea ends in victory as government agrees to demands

The victory for the truck drivers came after eight days of continued strike brought exports to a standstill and disrupted major sectors including electronics and automobiles. The strike also threatened the global supply chains of semiconductor chips

Strike action in Clover South Africa enters second week, unions contemplate occupation

Demanding an end to retrenchments that could see over 2,000 job losses, unions have called on the South African government to take over Clover SA, the largest employer in the country’s dairy industry

1951 New Zealand waterfront strike 1951 New Zealand waterfront strike

The National government, led by Sidney Holland, in an attempt to break the strike, implemented harsh measures including censoring the press from reporting on the strike and making it illegal to provide food and money to the striking workers and their families