International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Amid economic hardship and repression, Kenyans reject the Finance Bill 2024

Hundreds were arrested and brutalized in Nairobi by police forces during protests against the government’s finance bill

Three killed in Pakistan protesting rise in the prices of essential commodities

Since the government signed a deal with the IMF, mass protests have occurred regularly against the massive reduction in state subsidies on essential commodities which has in turn driven up the prices of electricity and food items

Pakistani farmers launch a nationwide movement demanding fair prices for wheat

Pakistan’s new government has decided to drastically reduce the procurement of wheat this year amidst record production, creating fear among farmers of massive losses and distress to the rural population

Looting of food grains continues in Nigeria as almost half its population suffers hunger

President Bola Tinubu’s lifting of fuel subsidies and liberalization of currency trade has pleased the IMF and increased hunger in Africa’s most populous country

Cost of living crisis worsens in Egypt soon after the IMF loan deal

Egyptians, already reeling under a cost of living crisis amid record-high inflation, are suffering a further erosion of purchasing power

Kenyan health workers prepare for a new round of industrial action

The workers’ demands include stable working conditions and aligning incomes with living expenses. They are mobilizing at a time when the government is preparing to implement a highly unpopular round of healthcare reform

WHO’s Economics and Health for All: a promising start?

The World Health Organization is trying to unshackle economics from traditional confines to prioritize health, signaling a radical departure towards a more holistic understanding of societal well-being

After expelling Palestinian workers, Israel turns to the Global South for labor

Israel has thus far signed agreements with Kenya and Malawi to bring in workers to its agricultural sector, which has otherwise relied on Palestinian and Thai migrant labor

Neocolonial debt, extractivism, and the roots of Zambia’s economic crisis

Two of Zambia’s key copper mines have returned to foreign private control. The metal, which is 70% of Zambia’s exports, is a major source of foreign exchange at a time when the country is facing a major debt crisis

Ecuador in crisis: five points to understand a country broken by neoliberalism

Some clues to unravel how in a few years Ecuador went from being a peaceful country to becoming a territory governed by organized crime.

Thousands take to the streets in Argentina in the first mobilization against Milei’s government

Despite threats from Javier Milei’s government, the mobilization was carried out to reject the harsh austerity plans

Privatization or cuts to pensions? What’s next for Argentina with Milei

Milei anticipated that there will be a very hard six months in the country, but did not explain which sectors of society will be most affected. Is the public sector the only thing that the government is going to cut?