Israeli apartheid
Israeli occupation forces kill seven in Jenin raid

Israel has struggled to squash Palestinian armed resistance fighters in the West Bank and the arms flow to the resistance through neighboring countries

“Occupation’s nightmare” continues despite Jordanian authorities’ crackdown

Jordan was one of the first countries to normalize ties with Israel, yet its people stand firmly with Palestine

Occupation forces kill six, including three children, in West Bank and Jerusalem

Israel has repeatedly attacked the occupied territories since the war in Gaza killing over 400 Palestinians, including over 100 children, and detaining nearly 8,000

Israel kills 11 more in fresh attacks on Palestinian aid-seekers

Aid groups and UN missions continue to struggle to deliver essential food, medical, and fuel supplies, despite the Israeli attacks on aid trucks and aid-seekers

Israel tortured Palestinian detainees, forced them to make false confessions about Hamas links: UNRWA report

An unpublished report by the UNRWA records the testimonies of Palestinian detainees from Gaza who claimed they were tortured by Israeli forces during their detention

Death toll in Gaza near 31,000 as Israeli war enters 153rd day

Ceasefire talks in Cairo breaks down as the Hamas delegation left Egypt in response to continued stalling by Israel

Gaza death toll cross 30,500 as Israeli war completes 150 days

The number of wounded has also risen to close to 72,000, as Israeli forces continue to target aid trucks and aid-seeking Palestinians civilians

Israeli forces escalate siege on Nasser hospital, several patients killed

After more than three weeks of intense bombardment of the hospital, Israeli forces have stormed the hospital as the war on Gaza reaches 134th day

Israel continues bombing and blockade of Gaza, in complete disregard of ICJ ruling

Over 350 Palestinians were killed in Israeli bombings and ground attacks, and close to 650 injured over the weekend. Meanwhile Israel and West targets UN aid agency over unsubstantiated claims

ICJ begins genocide hearing against Israel, as bombing of Gaza continues

The UN has also raised alarm over the lack of aid deliveries to Gaza, warning that blocking aid and medical supplies could force the remaining three operational hospitals to close

Roger Waters: “2023 has been one of the most dangerous years ever”

Listen to hear Waters’ and Prashad’s reflections on democracy, capitalism, and the heroic struggle for Palestinian liberation.

Israeli war on Gaza continues for 76th consecutive day, death toll over 20,000

Israeli forces reportedly leveled a cemetery and executed 11-12 unarmed men after separating them from their families, shocking international community