Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF)
Palestinian women and girls are being subjected to sexual violence by Israeli soldiers, says UN

Multiple United Nations experts highlight reports that Palestinian women and girls in detention have suffered sexual assault by Israeli soldiers

Fate of Palestinian health workers kidnapped by Israeli forces remains uncertain

The status of health workers arrested by Israeli Occupying Forces in northern Gaza remains uncertain as attacks on health infrastructure continue

2023 was deadliest year for Palestinians in the West Bank since 2005

Over 500 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank in 2023. Under its undeclared policy of collective punishment, Israel also destroyed a significant amount of civilian infrastructure such as roads, residential buildings, and hospitals in West Bank since October 7

Israel’s war crimes

Every time the UN can get more aid into Gaza, the Israeli bombardment of civilian areas intensifies, and the civilian deaths increase

The no-state solution becomes more and more real as Israel’s permanent Nakba continues

Israeli officials have been clear about their intentions with their bloody war on Gaza: annihilation and forced displacement of the population

Israel kills 700 Palestinians in 24 hours

Palestinian Health Ministry reports within the span of 24 hours, Israeli airstrikes killed 700 Palestinians, as well as collapse of health system in Gaza

Health system in Gaza collapsing as fuel and medicine run out

The number of hospitals in Gaza shutting down operations is increasing, as Israeli attacks and limits on aid stop fuel, medicines, and supplies from reaching health workers

Israeli bombings and blockade is destroying healthcare in Gaza

Until urgent interventions are made thousands of Palestinians face a slow and painful death in the absence of basic medical care and repeated attacks on health workers by Israeli occupation

Israel refuses ceasefire, carries out most intensive bombings of Gaza yet

People across the world mobilized to support the Palestinian cause and to denounce their government’s support to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

As Israel threatens genocide, people across the world march with Palestine

Protesters in the US highlighted that the root cause of the violence against Palestinian people is that Israel is an outpost of US imperialism

US military aid makes Biden an accomplice in Israel’s massacre

With confidence in Israel’s continued capacity to serve its imperialist role shattered, the US has deployed an immense amount of military assets to the Eastern Mediterranean

Law Student in NYC faces backlash and censorship after speaking out against Israeli crimes

The slandering of graduate student Fatima Mohammed is only the latest iteration of free speech attacks against advocates for Palestine