James Webb Telescope
Carbon dioxide in exoplanet James Webb Telescope spots carbon dioxide in distant exoplanet

The carbon dioxide was discovered in the atmosphere of a giant hot and gaseous planetary object named the WASP-39b, located at a distance of 700 light-years from Earth and in the constellation Virgo

Your guide to the James Webb telescope and its wondrous images

The first images from the James Webb Space Telescope were released last week. What is all the excitement about? Why should we care? Here’s the answer to questions we all have

James Webb telescope: First images reveal ancient galaxies

The images reveal far-distant galaxies as they were some 4.6 billion years ago. Experts believe that compelling images are the first step toward reshaping our understanding of the time when the universe dawned

James Webb Telescope James Webb telescope encounters a micrometeoroid, without major damage

After initial assessments, the team has found that the telescope is still performing at a level that exceeds all mission requirements despite a marginally detectable effect in the data

James Webb Telescope James Webb telescope to study cold mysterious belt of solar system

The telescope will study the Kuiper Belt’s icy bodies to gather information about the universe’s origin. The Kuiper Belt is a disc in the outer solar system that extends from the orbit of Neptune at 30 Astronomical Units and till 50 AU from the Sun