Logistics workers’ strike in Italy
Daily Round-up | US House of Representatives passes USD 1.7 trillion spending bill & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of the US spending bill, protests by logistics workers in Italy, and a FIFA investigation into the incidents at the World Cup final

Italian logistics workers struggle for pay and dignity

Logistics workers in Italy are up in arms against the denial of salaries in benefits, as well as the repression of protests seeking their rights

Workers across Italy protest killing of trade union leader Adil Belakdhim

Adil Belakdhim was killed when a truck ran into a picket line of protesting logistics workers on June 18. Si Cobas, the union to which he belonged, has termed it the culmination of attacks on workers across the country

Italian logistics workers plan stir on February 22

Logistics firms took disciplinary action against nearly 40 employees over the last month. While the court intervened in the case of 11 employees, the developments have highlighted the precarious situation of workers in the sector