India G20 meeting G20 meeting reiterates urgent needs for reforms in global financial institutions

Some countries also extended their solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemned the Israeli war in Gaza during the virtual meeting

UNGA summit 2023 At UN General Assembly session, Global South leaders call for urgent reforms in multilateral institutions 

Reforms in multilateral institutions, both political and financial, must reflect the need of the changing world which is multipolar and against hegemonic practices, leaders from the Global South said at the UN General Assembly said

Venezuela and China strengthen ties on Maduro’s first visit in five years

The Global South socialist nations vowed to work to build multilateralism and support each other’s national development

BRICS summit was a giant leap towards inclusive multilateralism

Mandla J. Radebe of the University of Johannesburg talks about the outcomes of the recent BRICS summit in South Africa. He analyzes the politics of the expansion, the new financial architecture under construction, and the role of BRICS in the African continent

BRICS summit South Africa BRICS summit ends with six new members and calls for inclusive multilateralism and UN reform

BRICS has decided to invite six countries to join the bloc — Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. The leaders also agreed on a future plan of expansion and called for increased use of local currencies in trade as opposed to the dollar

Venezuela, Bolivia aim to join BRICS (1) Bolivia and Venezuela express interest in joining BRICS

The governments of Bolivian President Luis Arce and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro have officially applied to join the BRICS economic bloc and contribute in building a multipolar world

UNSG agenda for peace UN proposes elimination of all nuclear weapons as first step under new agenda for peace

Rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions across the globe need a better, reformed, and updated UN system which reflects the growing multipolarity and is more representative, unbiased, and effective

SCO denounces confrontation and protectionist policies, vows to work for a just and multipolar world order

The New Delhi declaration signed by SCO members declared Central Asia to be its core region and emphasized that resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan is significant for its security and stability

BRICS summit South Africa BRICS summit will go on as planned, confirms host South Africa

The ICC arrest warrant issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin had led to speculation about the summit being shifted to China or some other country to avoid his arrest

Tshisekedi China visit Are DRC-China ties set to see an uptick?

Despite a policy pursued since the beginning of his mandate that does not put the interests of the people first, the Congolese president, by returning from his stay in China with several agreements, has taken a step that demonstrates that he has made a sovereign choice for the country: to negotiate with a major Southern power

Iranian President's Latin America visit Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi concludes visit to three Latin American countries with renewed focus on South-South cooperation

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to three Latin American countries — Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua — was aimed at fostering multipolarity and strengthening the anti-hegemonic and anti-imperialist struggle in world politics

Japón demuestra un cambio de actitud ante el creciente poder del Sur global

La sutil reorientación de Japón hacia el Sur Global y su alejamiento de las orientaciones estadounidenses es un signo del cambiante contexto mundial