Neo Nazis
Mostar Partisan Cemetery - Bosnia Anti-fascists protest repeated attacks on Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar

Anti-fascist sections in Bosnia and Herzegovina have accused the authorities of not taking any measures to protect and preserve the Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar, leaving it as a target for repeated attacks by neo-Nazi groups

Progressives in Zurich protest spike in neo-Nazi manifestations in the city

Recent protests against COVID-19-related restrictions, organized by right-wing groups and anti-vaccine campaigners in Swiss cities, have been swarmed by neo-Nazi sympathizers

Golden Dawn leaders and members convicted of murder of Pavlos Fyssas

Following the verdict, there was widespread celebration even as protesters honored the memory of Fyssas and other victims of Golden Dawn’s violence

Victory Day and the continuing battle against Fascism

May 9 is Victory Day, which celebrates the defeat of Nazism and Fascism in World War II.