Olaf Scholz
What’s really behind Germany’s unshakeable support of Israel?

To understand Germany’s unconditional support for the Israeli genocide, one must understand the origins of the German state

France all dressed up and nowhere to go

France is entrapped in the predicament of countries that get sandwiched between great powers. It is condemned to diplomacy that is constantly in a state of suspended animation interspersed with sudden bouts of activity

Germany swims or sinks with NATO

The US is re-energizing its coalition with Germany and Poland for the next phase of the Ukraine war. But, the German public is conflicted over this war

Threat of war looms over Europe as NATO drill goes full-throttle

Steadfast Defender 2024, the biggest NATO drill since the end of theCold War, involving more than 90,000 military personnel from 31 member countries and Sweden is underway in Europe

Thousands march in Berlin for annual Luxmeburg-Liebknecht demo

Security forces arrested dozens of pro-Palestine activists who marched in the Luxmeburg-Liebknecht demonstration in Berlin on January 14. The annual demonstration commemorates the martyrdom of communist leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

Farmers’ protests surge in Germany against cuts in subsidies and tax increases

The traffic light coalition government in Germany decided to cut subsidies to farmers and increase energy taxes while funding to imperialist wars goes uninterrupted

German people’s movements march in solidarity with Palestine

As thousands took to the streets in Germany, people’s movements condemned the government’s crackdown on solidarity with Palestine. They also spoke out against the Olaf Scholz government’s complicity in Israel’s war on Gaza

Ouster of populist-nationalist government in Poland is highly consequential

The change has significant consequences for Europe as a whole. For a start, the anti-European rhetoric from Warsaw will stop — and along with that, the non-stop tirade against Germany

10-08 Minimum wage - Germany German trade unions slam inadequate raise in minimum wage

The Minimum Wage Commission has agreed to a meager hike in the hourly minimum wage against calls by trade unions for a raise at par with inflation

Afd Conference - Germany First as tragedy, then as a farce: AfD recalibrates the slogan ‘Germany first’ 

The far-right party’s ‘Germany first’ campaign in many ways resembles the Nazi campaign for German supremacy propagated during the Hitler era, marked with militarism and racism

Germany arms supply to Ukraine Germany creates equity in western Ukraine

Germany is playing the long game. It is creating equity in western Ukraine where it is not Russia but Poland that is its contender as it is entirely conceivable that the ongoing war will radically change the territorial boundaries of Ukraine in the east and south

Russia-Ukraine war Russia won’t let Ukraine be a bleeding wound

NATO expected the Ukrainian forces to punch through key Russian fortifications by now. In reality, they are struggling to get anywhere near the sprawling layered fortifications and in that desperate attempt, are taking massive losses