People’s Health Assembly
5th People’s Health Assembly begins in Mar del Plata

Hundreds of health activists are gathering at the 5th People’s Health Assembly to discuss strategies for health justice amid the crisis in Argentina and the Israeli war on Gaza

What to expect from the 5th People’s Health Assembly?

Health movements from around the world will debate strategies and tactics at the 5th People’s Health Assembly in Mar del Plata, Argentina, as Javier Milei’s brutal privatization policies attack public services in the country

Buen vivir as a pathway to health for all

The People’s Health Movement announced updated plans for the 5th People’s Health Assembly, to be held in Mar de Plata, Argentina, in April 2024

75 years of NHS UK The NHS at 75 years: A sharp turn needed to fight health inequities

75 years after its establishment, the NHS continues to enjoy strong support among health workers and patients, but struggles under the burden of divestment and prioritization of the private sector

Scotland PHA report Social movements in Scotland come together to build unity in the struggle for health equity

The recently concluded People’s Health Assembly in Scotland brought together 20 organizations working on problems related to health inequities with the aim of furthering unity and fostering change

Inspiration and Illumination: People’s Health Assemblies towards a more caring world

The upcoming 5th People’s Health Assembly in Cali, Colombia, will be an opportunity to strengthen convergences that can jeopardize the existing world economic order

La Asamblea Mundial por la Salud de los Pueblos que tendrá lugar en Colombia marcará un hito en la lucha por el derecho a la salud

El Movimiento por la Salud de los Pueblos se moviliza para la 5ª Asamblea Mundial por la Salud de los Pueblos, que tendrá lugar en Cali (Colombia) en diciembre de este año.

People’s Health Assembly in Colombia will be a milestone in struggles for right to health

The People’s Health Movement is mobilizing for the 5th People’s Health Assembly, which will take place in Cali, Colombia, in December this year

80% of rural African population lack safely managed drinking water

UNICEF and WHO reported that the SDG target of universal access to safely managed drinking water will not be met in Africa, barring major changes

Cuba-Vietnam: On the road to vaccine self-reliance

Cuba and Vietnam share a rich history of anti-imperialist struggles and are living examples of the daily battle against US hegemony. During the pandemic, they are paving the way for South-South solidarity and enhancing local production, a must for a self-reliant Global South

david sanders David Sanders (1945-2019) and the struggle for right to health

David Sanders, who passed away on August 30, was passionate about participatory socialist democracy as a way to improve health and reduce inequality.

“Trade unions play a vital role in the struggle towards health for all”

Liberian trade unionist and health activist, Poe, talks about the need for a holistic concept of access to health, beyond the present model of selective healthcare intervention decided by donor organizations