Plastic waste
UN High seas treaty UN adopts legally binding treaty to protect high seas

The treaty will govern the use of high seas, or seas beyond the territorial control of countries, with the objective of protecting its ecosystems from pollution, over-fishing and over-exploitation. 60 UN members need to ratify the treaty for it to come into effect

600 million metric tons of plastic may fill oceans by 2036 if we don’t act now

As the private transportation sector shifts focus to batteries, biofuels, and green hydrogen, fossil fuel stakeholders have been seeking new avenues of revenue in the petrochemical industry in general, and in plastics in particular

Plastic waste Enzyme engineered by AI devoured entire plastic tray within 48 hours: study

A recent research suggests an enzyme has been developed that can digest plastic at a faster pace. It was developed with the help of artificial intelligence tools

COVID-19 worsened seepage of plastic into oceans

Scientists say that 193 countries have produced around 9.2 million tons of plastic waste associated with the pandemic. 87.4% of this was generated by hospitals while a small fraction (7.6%) was generated by individuals