Ukraine proxy war Glimpses of an endgame in Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin’s video conference with the permanent members of the Security Council in Moscow last Friday and his meeting with Belarus President Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in St. Petersburg on Sunday provide glimpses into Russia’s perspective at this point of time

Germany arms supply to Ukraine Germany creates equity in western Ukraine

Germany is playing the long game. It is creating equity in western Ukraine where it is not Russia but Poland that is its contender as it is entirely conceivable that the ongoing war will radically change the territorial boundaries of Ukraine in the east and south

Ukraine used Polish incident to instigate direct war with NATO, claims Russia   

Despite being contradicted by the US and NATO, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky repeated his claim that the missile which killed two farmers in Poland – a NATO member – was fired by Russia

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Biden’s reality check in Europe

Dissenting voices are rising in Europe as western sanctions against Russia start backfiring with price hikes and shortages of fuel and electricity

Line 3 ruptures cause 300 million gallons of groundwater to overflow and other stories

Today we look at major ruptures caused during the construction of the Enbridge pipeline in the US, discriminatory treatment of refugees in Europe, and more

Nepal ratifies $500M Millennium Challenge Corp. pact amid protests and other stories

Today we look at the Millennium Challenge Corporation pact ratified by Nepal, racism against African refugees trying to flee the war in Ukraine, and more