police killing
30-06 French protests (1) Protests continue across France demanding justice for Nael who was killed by police officer

Over 40,000 security personnel were deployed across major cities in France to curb protests against the killing of a French-Algerian teenager by the police. The officer who shot Nael has been taken into custody for the charge of “voluntary homicide by a person in authority.”

No officers charged, once again, in murder of unarmed Black man shot at over 90 times

Akron, Ohio resident Jayland Walker died in June after sustaining 46 gunshot wounds. His crime? A broken taillight

Protesters charged with terrorism in Atlanta

At least 23 people, including a legal observer, have been charged with domestic terrorism as protests against massive police training facility continue

Most “progressive” police force in the US is slammed for response to police killing

Cambridge police shot and killed Arif Sayed Faisal just four days into 2023, and officials are no closer to releasing the names of the officers responsible

Atlanta fights against $90 million dollar “urban warfare” corporate-backed police training facility

Three years later, corporations have forgotten promises made during the height of the anti-police brutality movement. Atlanta activists have not

Oklahoma cops shot and killed 26-year-old worker after bosses called police

26-year-old meat-processing worker Chiewelthap Mariar was ordered to keep working after being fired. His bosses called the police, who shot him dead