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On Liberation Day, Italy continues to struggle against revisionism and fascist legacy in government

Thousands gathered across Italy to celebrate Liberation Day, commemorating the efforts of the anti-fascist resistance that helped shape the country’s foundation

Police crackdown on students sparks outrage across Italy

A Palestine solidarity demonstration composed primarily of students was repressed by security forces on February 23. Progressives have condemned the attack as well as the crackdown on pro-Palestine protests

Left groups in Italy demand safe return of anti-fascist activist imprisoned in Hungary

Italian school teacher Ilaria Salis has been imprisoned in Hungary for nearly a year, accused of assaulting neo-Nazis during an anti-fascist counter protest

Insorgiamo: the story of how workers of an Italian factory are creating history

Laid-off workers of the former GKN plant in Campi Bisenzio, who have been leading a 900-day long struggle, have proposed to take over the plant by forming a cooperative to facilitate futuristic production

Italian workers resist Salvini’s strike breaking methods

Deputy premier Matteo Salvini has tried to undermine workers’ strike in Italy on several occasions in over a month.

Italian students occupy university for Gaza

University students in Naples occupied their university to demand a ceasefire and an end to cooperation between their university and Israeli institutions

Public healthcare becomes key rallying point in Italy

More and more people in Italy mobilize to protect the public health system against privatization and budget cuts promoted by far-right Giorgia Meloni’s government

Court reduces sentence of Italian ex-mayor for pro-refugee policies

Domenico Lucano was internationally lauded for his exemplary initiatives to resettle refugees coming to his commune in Italy. However, in 2018, Italian authorities charged him with multiple accusations of abetting illegal migration to the country.

Palestinian-Italian researcher Khaled El Qaisi released on bail pending further hearings by Israeli court

After a month in detention, Palestinian-Italian activist and researcher Khaled el Qaisi has been released on bail by an Israeli court although he has been banned from traveling outside Palestine. As uncertainty remains regarding El Qaisi’s freedom and safety, his family and those campaigning for his release have urged people to remain vigilant

Italy protests end of Citizens' Income Protests continue in Italy against government’s decision to end Citizens’ Income scheme

The right-wing government led by Giorgia Meloni has inflicted heavy cuts in social security spending but continues to provide financial and military support to the war in Ukraine

3-08 Italy Protests Italian left condemns Giorgia Meloni government’s decision to cut social welfare for poor families

The far-right government under Giorgia Meloni has decided to make cuts worth €2.5 billion (US$ 2.71 billion) by overhauling the social security scheme ‘Citizens’ Income.’ Close to 169,000 families will lose their benefits

Leftist parties condemn EU-Tunisia agreement to curb migration

The Workers’ Party of Tunisia and the Italian leftist party Potere al Popolo said that Tunisia’s deal with the EU on migration and an upcoming agreement with the IMF are a “perfect pact between liberalism, authoritarianism and xenophobia”