Russia-Ukraine conflict
Peace is nowhere on the horizon as Ukraine war completes two years

Two years into the war, Ukraine has suffered a significant setback with the fall of Avdiivka. However, neither this defeat nor the failure of its counter-offensive has led to calls for peace, either from its rulers or western allies

El hambre en el mundo y la guerra en Ucrania

No está claro si Occidente dará a Rusia algún alivio en su capacidad de exportar sus propios productos agrícolas.

Ukraine grain deal hunger World hunger and the war in Ukraine

It is not clear if the West will give Russia any relief on its ability to export its own agricultural products.

How is South Africa dealing with western pressure on BRICS summit?

Mandla Radebe of the University of Johannesburg talks about how South Africa is dealing with external and internal pressure on the BRICS summit and how the country sees its role in the forum. He also talks about how South Africa has responded to the Ukraine war

Why Turkey and Hungary are currently blocking Sweden from joining NATO

Sweden’s position on the Kurdish population in Turkey and on Hungary’s right-wing government has thwarted its entry into NATO.

Nord stream Sabotage of Nord Stream won’t go unpunished

Can German Chancellor Olaf Scholz survive the deception over Nord Stream sabotage? If Ukraine is implicated, there is no going back for Germany

El Sur Global rechaza la presión para ponerse del lado de Occidente frente a Rusia

Europa y Estados Unidos ignoran los llamados de África, América Latina y Asia para encontrar una solución que ponga fin a la guerra en Ucrania y, como dijo el primer ministro de Namibia, redirigir los fondos gastados en armamento hacia la resolución de problemas globales.

Russia-Ukraine war one year A year into the war, peace seems a mirage

It has gradually become clear that the West—US, EU, and NATO—is fighting a proxy war against Russia, at the cost of the Ukrainian people, and does not desire any negotiated settlement in the near future 

Russia-Ukraine war Biden’s existential angst in Ukraine

It is becoming increasingly clear that the US is fighting in Ukraine to preserve its global hegemony

Ukraine war death toll Ukraine war tolls death knell for NATO

Logically, the option open to the US at this point would be to disengage. But that becomes an abject admission of defeat and will mean the death knell for NATO, and Washington’s transatlantic leadership goes kaput

US presence in Ukraine Why the time isn’t ripe for Ukraine talks

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s remarks at an appearance at Carnegie last weekend made it clear that the US is in Ukraine for the long haul

Russia-US talks A Biden-Putin meeting in Bali cannot be ruled out

There are discernible signs that both sides are striving to lower the tensions as much as they can so as to create a “cordial” enough atmosphere