rafael-correa-24-2 Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was spied on by Spanish company for CIA

According to El País, private security company UC Global SL spied on Rafael Correa after he left office and passed information about his private meetings to the CIA as well as to his successor Lenín Moreno

Mossad spy ring Turkey Mossad spy ring busted in Turkey, 11 arrested

Following months of surveillance, the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) discovered a “ghost cell” made up of 56 special operatives working for the Israeli Mossad. The operation, divided into nine different smaller networks, was reportedly working to gather intelligence against Hezbollah, Syria, and others

US spying on UN UN expresses concerns over reports of US spying on its top officials, interfering in work

The classified documents leaked from the US Department of Defense recently have yet again exposed how it spies on even its close allies and violates their sovereignty to pursue its own interests 

Leaked Pentagon documents reveal US violations of Korean sovereignty

The US has been spying on its most loyal allies, including South Korea, which has claimed that the Pentagon documents are forged without providing evidence

CIA spying of Assange Lawsuit filed in US seeks to bring judicial scrutiny of CIA’s alleged spying of Julian Assange

Four individuals, including two lawyers who worked with Julian Assange, filed a lawsuit against the CIA, Mike Pompeo, and the Spanish private security firm UC Global for violating their constitutional protections and privacy

US spied on its close allies in Europe including Germany and France with the help of Danish secret service

A detailed report on Denmark’s role in the American project to spy on its close allies was published in several European media on Sunday confirming the revelation made by whistle blower Edward Snowden’s in 2013

CIA's operation rubicon How the CIA read secret communications of friends and foes for almost 50 Years

Crypto AG, a Swiss company that dominated the global manufacture and sale of encryption devices for decades after WWII, was a CIA-owned concern.