Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
Clashes in northeast Syria Former US allies in Syria’s north-east clash over control of region’s oil resources

The presence of US troops in the country’s north-east has been termed as occupation by the Syrian government, which accuses them of stealing the region’s oil resources and backing anti-government forces to prolong the war in the country

US forces kill in Syria At least one civilian killed and scores injured in firing by US and allies in Syria

The firing took place while the US forces were conducting an airdrop operation near the Iraq border. The Syrian government has termed the presence of US forces in the country as illegal, calling it an occupation and demanded their immediate withdrawal

US looting Syrian oil Syria claims US forces are continuing to loot its oil

The Syrian economy—destroyed by over a decade of war, unilateral sanctions imposed by the US and its allies, and the recent devastating earthquake—is suffering from the loss of revenues from oil, which it alleges is being looted from the country by the occupation forces

US airstrike Syria US forces carry out airstrikes in eastern Syria, civilian deaths reported

The strikes were carried out after a drone attack on a US base in Syria’s Hasakah killed one US contractor and injured six others. US forces have been illegally deployed on Syria since 2015

US troops US House of Representatives votes to defeat resolution demanding troop withdrawal from Syria  

The US has built an illegal base and deployed nearly 900 soldiers in Syria, who have allegedly helped prolong the war in the country and facilitated the loot of its natural resources

Syria-Turkey talks in Moscow Syrian and Turkish defense ministers meet for the first time in over 11 years

Turkey has played a key role in prolonging the war in Syria by aiding anti-government forces and by launching repeated incursions into country under the pretext of targeting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces

Turkish airstrikes in Syria and Iraq Turkey launches airstrikes inside Syria and northern Iraq

Turkey claimed that it was targeting the YPG, the armed wing of the Kurdish Democratic Party (PKK), which it blamed for attacks in Istanbul last week. The PKK has denied any responsibility for the attacks

Turkish aggression in Syria Turkey continues its aggression inside Syria, kills four 

Turkey controls a large part of northern Syria since 2019 and demands the creation of a buffer zone 30 kilometers deep inside the country to prevent alleged attacks from Kurdish militias 

Turkish shelling in Syria Turkish shelling inside Syria kills five, destroys civilian infrastructure 

Turkey has been targeting and invading war-ravaged Kurdish majority regions of Syria and Iraq for many years now, killing hundreds and displacing thousands of people in complete violation of international laws

Syrian parliament denounces proposed Turkish aggression as an occupation

Turkey announced last month that its forces will resume operations inside northern Syria to create “safe zone” as a buffer against possible terrorist strikes by Kurdish forces

US occupation forces in Syria US occupying forces responsible for civilian death in Syria

According to the reports, several people including children were gathered in a village to oppose the presence of US forces when fire was opened at them.

Government delegates meet with the opposition to discuss a new constitution for Syria

The meeting hosted by the United Nations in Geneva also includes delegates from civil society groups and is backed by Russia, Turkey and Iran