Tory government
Human rights groups slam Rishi Sunak’s push to deport migrants to Rwanda

To prevent legal challenges to the UK deal to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda, the Tory government has been pushing the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill

Sinn Féin leader Michelle O’Neill is the First Minister of the North of Ireland

The power sharing agreement between Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Féin has put an Irish nationalist at the helm of the North of Ireland for the first time ever

Suella Braverman ousted from office, but threat of far-right still remains

Braverman made unsubstantiated claims about the police going “soft” on pro-Palestine protests and accused protesters of having links to illegal groups

RAAC crisis - UK Decades of austerity leave school and hospital buildings crumbling in the UK

The Department for Education ordered over a hundred schools to be fully or partially closed due to the imminent danger of collapse of roofs, ceilings and other parts of the buildings where reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) has been used 

Refugee deaths - UK Progressives protest refugee deaths in the English Channel

Six Afghan men lost their lives when an overcrowded refugee boat capsized in the English Channel on August 12. Activists say the inhumane policies of the Tory government are responsible for these deaths

20-07 UK Protests Progressives in the UK protest Tory government’s anti-refugee policies

The notorious Illegal Migration Bill pushed by the Tories was passed by the UK parliament and received royal assent on July 20. It has been fiercely opposed by a activist groups and leftist forces

29-06 UK Rwanda Deal London Court of Appeal rules against UK deal to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda 

The UK and Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership signed in April 2022 to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda for processing their asylum and resettlement had sparked an international outcry

6-06 Refugee Crisis - UK UK government criticized for pushing inhumane policies to keep refugees at sea

As part of the anti-refugee ‘stop the boat’ policy of the Tory government, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is pushing plans to house asylum seekers in barges in UK ports

8-05 UK Protests Anti-monarchists and Republicans in the UK protest coronation of Charles III

As the UK struggles with a severe cost of living crisis and workers struggle for pay hikes, the decision to hold an elaborate and expensive coronation ceremony has been widely criticized. 51% of the respondents in a poll conducted in April by YouGov said that the coronation ceremony should not be a state-funded event

22-04 NHS Strike - UK British health workers to intensify protests against meager pay hikes offered by government

Dismayed by the below-inflation pay offers by the Tory government, health workers affiliated to Unite the Union and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) have announced strikes for the end of April and the first week of May

13-04 Junior Doctors' Strike - UK Junior doctors in England intensify protests demanding pay restoration

Junior doctors in England, like other workers of the National Health Service (NHS), are struggling due to low wages, overwork, and soaring inflation. They are demanding a salary hike to compensate for the 26% cut, since 2008, in take-home wages for the highly qualified workforce

UK fights back against racist immigration bill

We report from the rally in Glasgow, Scotland where more than 3000 people marched against the Tory government’s Illegal Migration Bill.