After two months of genocidal war and more than 19,000 dead, Israel attempts to normalize the unspeakable

Over 52,000 Palestinians have been injured in the Israeli bombardment and ground attacks, as Israeli forces target densely populated areas

Colombia joins Algeria in filing legal complaint against Israel in International Criminal Court

Several countries have taken steps to formally denounce the Israeli genocide of Gaza, some steps more assertive than others

Assad on Syrian refugees Destruction of Syrian economy by war and sanctions preventing return of refugees, claims Assad

Nearly half of Syria’s pre-war population of a little over 20 million was displaced due to the war which began in 2011. Almost six million of those displaced have become refugees, mostly in neighboring countries

Russia terminates grain deal Russia announces end of UN-brokered grain deal with Ukraine, cites unfulfilled promises

The deal was considered necessary to ease the impact on food prices in poorer countries amid the war in Ukraine. However, almost half of the Ukrainian grain went to developed and rich countries in Western Europe

Iran and Syria call for end of Western economic domination, withdrawal of all foreign troops from the region

Both the countries signed numerous agreements to boost their economic cooperation and called it a joint effort to face the impact of unilateral sanctions imposed by the US and its allies on their economies

May Day WANA Left parties and trade unions in West Asia and North Africa mark May Day

Trade union movements and left parties in West Asia and North Africa vowed to end capitalist exploitation and achieve the dream of a dignified life for all working class people

Egypt journalists on terror list Egypt adds 82 individuals, including several journalists, to new terror ‘watchlist’

The Egyptian government headed by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has presided over a systematic campaign of repression and persecution of its critics 

Finland joins NATO Finland becomes 31st NATO member, Russia warns of escalation 

Despite Russia raising its national security concerns, the Cold War-era, US-led military alliance has consistently expanded around its borders since 1990

US forces in Syria US is stirring up Syrian cauldron

The specter that is haunting Washington is that the stabilization of Syria following Assad’s normalization with the Arab countries and with Turkey will inexorably coalesce into a Syrian settlement that completely marginalizes the “collective West” 

Cuba, Venezuela y China envían ayuda a Siria, afectada por un terremoto. EE.UU. ni siquiera puede retirar las sanciones

El Tesoro de EE.UU. ha emitido una exención de 180 días sobre ciertas sanciones impuestas a Siria para permitir la ayuda humanitaria tras el terremoto. Sin embargo, Estados Unidos y sus aliados aún no han ofrecido nada significativo a Siria, a pesar de que Venezuela, China, Palestina y otros países han enviado donaciones y especialistas.

Syria-Iran ties Syria’s power dynamic is shifting

On the one hand, there is a strategic “pull” toward a greater possibility of Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and Ankara working together to push US forces out of northeast Syria. On the other side, the power dynamic with Russia may be shifting in Ankara’s favor lately

Sweden hustled into military pact with US

The US and NATO assumed that it would be easy to convince Turkey to let Sweden enter NATO. However, Erdoğan kept shifting the goal post and refined his conditions