Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP)
Milei celebrates violent repression of thousands protesting hunger in Argentina

Police cracked down on a protest of thousands of workers in the capital who demanded the government listen to its demands to send food to the community kitchens and address the growing hunger in the country

Not one step back: National general strike in Argentina against Milei’s attacks on workers

Across Argentina millions are participating in a national general strike to protest the Milei government’s widespread attacks on people’s rights

Argentine court rules to evict agroecological Artigas Project

Dolores Etchevehere who resisted the eviction was detained while her brothers took possession of the property which movements along with Dolores had sought to convert into an agroecological productive farm

The resistance of Senegalese street vendors

Journalist Lucia Sabini Fraga dialogues with Senegalese street vendors in Argentina and Barcelona who resist state repression and struggle to survive amid the pandemic

Argentine social movements propose San Martín Plan to overcome extreme poverty post-COVID-19

Social leader Juan Grabois, in an interview with community media, detailed aspects of the plan which envisions the generation of 4 million jobs The plan envisions the creation of a fund which will set up 4,000 productive units