US aggression
US conducts fresh airstrikes targeting PMF fighters near Baghdad

The airstrikes come just a day after the US killed a top Iranian general, resulting in a massive spike in regional tensions

Noam Chomsky: We Must Stop War with Iran Before It’s Too Late

The Trump administration is pursuing catastrophe to protect U.S. dominance.

Iran shoots down drone Iran shooting down spy drone in its airspace is resistance to US aggression

This was immediately followed by US president Trump ordering an attack on several military targets in Iranian territory, only to be abruptly called off at the last minute.

Iran sanctions Global economy pushed to the edge over Iran sanctions

As the Trump administration refuses to extend the sanction waivers for buying Iranian oil to eight major economies, including India, China and Turkey, beyond May 2, the global economy is pushed on edge

Venezuela March against US agression Feb 23 #HandsOffVenezuela: Venezuelans march against US aggression

Speaking at the march, President Nicolas Maduro said that the hundreds of thousands at the rally and in similar mobilizations across the country were on the right side of history.