US support for Israel
Rodean la Casa Blanca en protesta por el apoyo a Israel

Cien mil personas descendieron a Washington DC para rodear la Casa Blanca con una “línea roja” de kilómetros de largo, y luego formaron un “Tribunal Popular” para juzgar a Biden y Netanyahu por genocidio.

100,000 form “red line” around White House to protest US support of Israel

A hundred thousand people descended upon Washington DC to surround the White House with a miles-long “red line”, later forming a “People’s Court” to try Biden and Netanyahu for genocide

At UNSC meeting, US lambasted for attacks on Iraq and Syria

While terming the US attacks as violations of international law and a reckless provocation, several UN member-states highlighted its support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza as the root of conflict in the region

Is Israel losing its biggest ally?

Following mass public pressure by the people of the United States, Biden expresses major disagreements with Netanyahu’s policy

The US political establishment has remained complicit in Israel’s crimes every step of the way

Since October 7, US Congress has passed numerous resolutions condemning Hamas, reiterating its support for Israel, and approving multi-million dollar “emergency military aid” packages for Israel