Vincent Van Quickenborne
Belgium bill against protests Protests grow in Belgium against bill to restrict demonstrations

The bill calling to ban ‘rioters’ from participating in protests is being widely criticized as a tool to target and persecute trade unionists and political activists

20-05 Anti-protest bill - Belgium Left parties and unions in Belgium take a stand against bill to ban ‘rioters’ from protests

The Belgian government is proposing a parliamentary bill which seeks to ban ‘rioters’ from taking part in protests. Trade unions and leftist parties such as the Workers’ Party of Belgium say that the bill could be used to target their members and other activists by branding them as rioters

Labor subcontracting - Belgium Workers Party of Belgium slams exploitative labor subcontracting 

Authorities have found out that 55 potential victims of human trafficking were employed at a construction site in Antwerp at extremely low wages