Yoon Seok-yeol
Will training more doctors be enough to strengthen South Korea’s healthcare?

The recent strike by South Korean trainee doctors against the expansion of medical school quotas has highlighted the structural issues in the country’s health system

Health workers in South Korea announce new actions in 2024

The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union secures government support of public COVID-19 hospitals as plans to expand health workforce continue

Sergei Shoigu and Kim Jong-un Russia and China have a shared vision for North Korea

The visits of Sergey Shoigu and Li Hongzhong indicate that Russia and China are close to North Korea in response to the Biden Administration accelerating the deepening of a trilateral alliance between Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul

Korean health workers strike Health workers in South Korea prepare for nationwide strike

The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union is preparing to launch a nationwide strike from July 13 as government continues to ignore grievances concerning staffing and pay. The unions expects approximately 45,000 health workers in 145 workplaces to join the strike

Leaked Pentagon documents reveal US violations of Korean sovereignty

The US has been spying on its most loyal allies, including South Korea, which has claimed that the Pentagon documents are forged without providing evidence

Crackdown in El Salvador, toxic contamination at US base in Seoul and other stories

Today we look at the state of emergency in El Salvador after a surge in killings, soil and water contamination at a US base in South Korea, and more

What does Yoon Seok-yeol’s presidency mean for South Korea?

Right-wing candidate Yoon Seok-yeol triumphed in South Korea’s presidential election by a razor-thin margin last week. What might his presidency mean for the peninsula?

Two polarizing choices in South Korea’s presidential election

As the mainstream parties offer competing visions for South Korea’s future, the fractured progressive left finds itself without real influence.