The socialist solution to soaring prices of Zambia’s staple food

The unchecked price rise of Zambia’s staple maize meal is forcing a reduction of nutritional intake in a country with one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world

The IMF debt trap and how to get out of it

Political Economist Grieve Chelwa explains the reasons why countries of the Global South are forced to go time and again to the International Monetary Fund for aid.

Tricon dossier on IMF Sovereign debts, colonial roots: IMF and the engineering of a ‘permanent crisis’ in Africa

A dossier by the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research examines the role of the IMF and other institutions in perpetuating a “permanent debt crisis” in Africa and, broadly, the Global South, outlining ways to free countries from this neocolonial trap  

IMF bailout for Zambia Zambia’s debt crisis a warning for what looms ahead for Global South

Zambia is heading toward critical negotiations to restructure its mounting debts. The IMF has approved a $1.3 billion bailout plan for the country, which will impose cruel austerity measures on the Zambian people

University-of-Zambia University of Zambia employees on strike over unpaid salaries

For a decade, the government has been systematically under-funding the university, and has threatened the students’ and teachers’ unions for protesting.