Election-eve polls in Brazil give Lula 50-51% of valid votes

The Ipec and Datafolha voter intention polls released on the eve of the elections in Brazil, show that support for Lula continues to grow

October 02, 2022 by Brasil de Fato

The latest poll from the Brazilian research institute, Ipec, released on the eve of elections shows that in valid votes, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the Workers’ Party of Brazil (PT) has 51% of the voting intention. This result would indicate a victory in the first round for the PT candidate.

Meanwhile, Datafolha research on the presidential race released on the same day shows that former Lula da Silva reached 50% of valid votes, indicating the possibility of victory in the first round, although within the margin of error of two percentage points.

In second place in the Datafolha poll is the current president and candidate for reelection Jair Bolsonaro Liberal Party, with 36%. Simone Tebet of the Brazilian Democratic Movement and Ciro Gomes of the Democratic Labor Party are technically tied, with 6% and 5% respectively. Soraya Thronicke União Brasil scored 1%, and the other candidates did not score.

A total of 12,800 people were interviewed face to face between Friday September 30 and Saturday October 1. The survey, commissioned by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper and TV Globo, was registered in the Electoral Justice System under number BR-00245/2022. The survey’s confidence level is 95%.

This article is based on articles originally published at Brasil de Fato.