2022 Brazilian presidential elections
Attendees of pro-Bolsonaro rally support Israel, deny Lula’s electoral victory

The Monitor of Political Debate in the Digital Environment, linked to the University of São Paulo, surveyed 575 people who took part in the demonstration

Brazilian government orders investigation into undeclared jewelry gifted to Bolsonaro’s wife

A former government official tried to bring undeclared jewelry amounting to USD$3.2 million into the country, a gift from the Saudi Arabian government to Bolsonaro’s wife

Looking back at Bolsonarismo and its project of cultural and national destruction

During the riots in Brasília on January 8, Bolsonaristas caused irreparable damage to the country’s cultural patrimony, destroying art that represents everything they are against

Mapping Faultlines: The implications of Brazil’s failed coup attempt

NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha explains the implications of the recent coup in Brazil, including what it means for Lula as he begins his third term as the country’s president

The role of the Brazilian military in the coup attempt

Members of the military are being investigated as part of the investigation into the January 8 invasion by Bolsonaristas in Brasilia

Eradication of poverty and hunger key priorities for Lula government

In his first speech as president, Lula spoke about plans for his government and announced the repeal of the arms decree

In first speech as president, Lula criticizes previous government and declares: “Democracy forever”

Without naming Bolsonaro specifically, the Workers’ Party leader lamented the “project of national destruction” that preceded him

Everything to know about Lula’s inauguration

The Workers’ Party leader will begin his third term with an official ceremony, artistic performances and representation of 120 countries

Bolsonaristas launch attacks on public infrastructure in Brasilia

Protesters set fire to cars, buses and wreaked havoc in the city center following the arrest of a Bolsonarista leader

Daily Round-up | Greek workers stage general strike against cost of living crisis & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at the national strike in Greece, a report on the killing of children by British forces in Afghanistan, votes on slavery in the US midterms, and a report by the Brazilian army on the recent elections

What will Lula’s foreign policy look like?

Lula’s incoming government has an immense challenge ahead to repair historic relations and alliances which were undermined by Bolsonaro

Government of transition in Brazil: understand how it works and what it can do

The new president can appoint a group of 50 people who, in theory, should have access to the current government’s information