Israeli forces conduct deadly raid in Jenin refugee camp

Seven Palestinians, including a 50-year-old surgeon on his way to work, were killed by Israeli forces

May 21, 2024 by Peoples Dispatch
Israeli soldiers during the raid in Jenin Refugee Camp. Photo: Screenshot

Israeli forces conducted a raid on May 21 in the Jenin refugee camp and killed seven Palestinians, including Dr. Aseed Jabareen, a 50-year-old surgeon and Allam Jaradat, a 48-year old teacher, both while on their way to work. Also killed was a teenage boy riding a bicycle, Mahmoud Hamadna.

Israeli occupation forces also destroyed hallmarks of civilian life including streets, vegetable stalls, commercial vendors, and houses. Israeli forces also occupied homes and “turned them into outposts amid violent confrontations,” Wafa News Agency reports.

Schools in the refugee camp have also been evacuated, and the war on Palestinian hospitals continues as Jenin Government Hospital is reportedly under siege, with ambulances prevented from reaching the injured, Israeli snipers randomly opening fire in the courtyard, and the surrounding streets being bulldozed. A Wafa correspondent reported that at the Khalil Suleiman Hospital, also in Jenin, Israeli snipers are opening fire at anyone seen in the vicinity.

The Freedom Theatre, a cultural center in the Jenin refugee camp, published an anonymous reflection from a young artist, who said, “It hurts to see children leaving their schools, screaming and running to embrace their mothers in fear… It’s painful how everything breaks and changes so quickly, with the city’s rhythm turning tense, colors changing, and people’s faces transforming.”