The Freedom Theater
Israeli forces conduct deadly raid in Jenin refugee camp

Seven Palestinians, including a 50-year-old surgeon on his way to work, were killed by Israeli forces

Israel once again targets Jenin’s emblematic Freedom Theater during three-day raid on the city

Israeli forces ransacked the Freedom Theater’s office and abducted three of its members including the director of the internationally renowned cultural group

Freedom Theatre Jenin “Israel’s actions in Jenin will only serve to breed a new generation that will carry torch of resistance”

A first person account of the devastating attack by Israel on The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, where a group of families sought refuge amidst the turmoil, by Mustafa Sheta, a leading light of the cultural group

Fuerzas de ocupación israelíes masacran a nueve palestinos en el campo de refugiados de Yenín

La masacre ha sido calificada como “la mayor y más extensa desde 2002”. Al parecer, las fuerzas israelíes impidieron que las ambulancias llegaran hasta los heridos

Israeli Occupation Forces massacre nine Palestinians in Jenin Refugee Camp

The massacre has been labeled “the largest and most extensive since 2002.” IOF reportedly prevented ambulances from reaching wounded

Recaptured Palestinian prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi admitted to hospital

Zubeidi, one of the six Palestinians who escaped Gilboa’s high-security Israeli prison last week and along with three others, was recaptured on Friday and Saturday. He was allegedly beaten and tortured by the Israeli security forces after being recaptured