Abhijan Choudhury
US states bring in anti-BDS laws, encourage Israeli occupation

27 states of the United States have introduced laws and policies to outlaw the boycott of Israel, despite federal courts in three states having already ruled such laws as unconstitutional.

Egypt holds referendum designed to consolidate El-Sisi’s power

Egyptians are voting on amendments that may end up letting president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s stay in power until 2030. The vote has been accompanied by a massive crackdown on the opposition

GM WORKERS PROTEST GM workers in Canada stage walkout as company prepares to shut down car plant

Hundreds of workers belonging to the trade union Unifor staged a protest in Ontario, saying that they were preparing for the fight of their lives to save their jobs

NUMSA Strike Why are South African plastic sector workers on strike?

The workers have been on a strike since October 15, having successfully consolidated participants from across the country in a National #PlasticsShutdown.

Israeli police officers tackle activists Israeli bulldozers move in to Khan Al-Ahmar, ICC calls it as ‘war crime’

The demolition of the village, located in the eastern desert hillside of Jerusalem, has been planned to connect the illegal Jewish settlements of Kfar Adumim and Maale Adumim with East Jerusalem

The noxious effects of Israeli propaganda

Israel pays thousands of students and pro-Israel activists online to spread favourable propaganda on social media and the larger internet.

The Oslo Accords: a bloody legacy of betrayal

The Oslo Accords of 1993 were welcomed by many, especially in the west, as a harbinger of peace and harmony in the region. But in the decades since, Israel, with the aid of the United States, has consistently worked to sabotage it

With diplomatic shutdown, aid cuts, Trump intensifies war on Palestine

The closure of the Palestinian mission in the US and the scrapping of funds for a hospital network and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency indicate US attempts to coerce Palestinians to agree to a deal

Tea workers across two Indian states fight for fair wages, better work conditions

The combination of poverty, disease, low wages, malnourishment, poor living and working conditions and a lack of basic health care and education services has led to the tea workers ending up in a highly abusive and exploitative situation.

John McCain: maverick or mainstream icon?

Largely forgotten amid the acclaim for the late senator was a career built on warmongering and a willingness to tolerate and almost indulge racism and minority-baiting

Secret Israeli military report admits use of drones to kill children in 2014 Gaza invasion

The report published in The Intercept reveals the Israeli army had recommended an investigation but the case was closed

Unions force retail giant to withdraw action against workers over strike

Unions in Namibia and South Africa have said the boycott call against Shoprite will continue till it ceases all disciplinary action against its employees

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