Charles Xu
How China became an Olympic boogeyman for the West

The history of the Olympic Games shows both the struggle by China and the Global South to be accepted by the U.S. and other imperialist nations, as well as alternative models to it

China’s Olympic battle for legitimacy: the prehistory of the 2022 Beijing Games

Only through the lens of history can we understand why China fought so hard for a place in the Olympics on its own terms: to heal the scars of both exploitative Western colonialism and civil war.

The Hypocrisy of the ‘Diplomatic Boycott’ of the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Which human rights matter enough to put politics above sports? For decades, the United States and its European allies have gotten to decide the answer at their convenience.

The United States’ recent failures in war and fighting racism should serve as a warning to its allies

As the US messily closes its 20-year war in Afghanistan, it has quickly pivoted and attempted to rally international support around its anti-China campaign. Its allies should be wary.