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The assassination of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán: A reflection on the armed conflict in Colombia

April 9 marks 76 years since the assassination of Gaitán, considered the beginning of the long social and armed conflict that continues to take lives in Colombia today

Camilo Torres Restrepo: Priest, revolutionary, and guerrilla fighter

February 15 marks the anniversary of the assassination of Colombian revolutionary Camilo Torres by men led by General Alvaro Valencia Tovar

“In Arauca we have suffered every form of war”

Amid an escalation in the armed conflict in the border region of Arauca, social leader and human rights defender Sonia López discusses the broader context of systemic state violence against communities

Massacre in Cali amid National Strike in Colombia

Reports from human rights defenders estimate that at least eight people were killed by police on April 30 in the protests in Cali

Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal seeks to uncover role of the Colombian state in the ongoing genocide

The TPP has returned to Colombia for a third time amid a deepening humanitarian crisis in the country. Movements and organizations across social sectors will present witness reports about systematic human rights violations

“Duque’s agenda is an agenda determined by Washington”, says Pablo Beltrán

Pablo Beltrán, the chief negotiator of the National Liberation Army (ELN), said that the government of President Iván Duque has an agenda determined by the United States. He also emphasized on the ELN’s will to resume dialogues with the government, despite the differences.

Colombia witnesses historic protest in defense of public education

Students are demanding increase in the budget for public higher education, reassessment of the student debt, financial support for the National Learning Service, and freezing of enrollments to private higher education institutions

Statements by Colombia’s Defense Minister threaten social movements

Guillermo Botero alleged that social protests were financed by illegal organizations, putting in jeopardy social leaders in Colombia, who are already facing a number of threats

Colombia’s withdrawal from UNASUR marks a lost opportunity

The decision is a blow to continental unity and an affirmation of the North American imperialist agenda in Latin America . The country loses the chance of integrating itself with its neighbors and benefiting in a variety of ways.