Algeria wildfires
Unprecedented wildfires across Algeria kill at least 34, thousands displaced 

The UN environment panel has warned that the Mediterranean region is warming faster than the global average and will witness more heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, and other climate-related catastrophes in the coming days

Prominent Algerian opposition leader Karim Tabbou placed under judicial supervision after brief arrest 

Tabbou, like most other leaders of Algeria’s pro-reform Hirak protests (2019-20), has been consistently harassed and persecuted by the state with arrests and jail terms

Algerian lawmaker resigns from IPU over Israel
Algeria withdraws from presidency of Inter-Parliamentary Union’s advisory group on terrorism over Israel’s membership

Israel was approved as a member of the advisory group for combating terrorism last month during the IPU’s general assembly in Bahrain. Algeria cited its longstanding and firm support for the Palestinian cause as the reason behind the withdrawal

Algeria-Spain relations over Western Sahara
Algeria to suspend friendship treaty, imports from Spain over Western Sahara

Spain, a former colonial power, decided to recognize to support Morocco’s position on Western Sahara earlier this year going against its long-held stance of backing a UN-led referendum to decide the status of the territory

Algerian civil servants to go on strike on April 26

The workers will protest the rising prices of essential goods and commodities, as well as the gradually deteriorating economic and social situation in the country

Prisoners freed Algeria
Over 1,000 prisoners pardoned in Algeria, including many Hirak protesters

According to media reports, the clemency orders issued on Sunday included the Hirak activists released from pre-trial detention last week on a provisional basis

Hirak activists freed in Algeria
Over 50 Hirak movement activists freed in Algeria

Several commentators and social media users in Algeria have noted that the release coincides with the visit of a high-ranking US official and likely took placedue to politically motivated reasons

Algeria Fethi Ghares
Algerian left leader Fethi Ghares leaves prison after court reduces sentence on appeal

Ghares was convicted on charges of insulting the president and harming national unity. He was sentenced to two years in prison in January

Khaled Drareni Algeria
Algerian court awards six-month suspended sentence to journalist Khaled Drareni

The independent journalist was arrested in March 2020 and charged with various serious offenses while he was covering the anti-establishment Hirak protests in Algeria

Algeria sentences leftist opposition leader Fethi Ghares to two years in prison

Ghares was arrested and placed in pre-trial detention last year in July after police raided and searched his home

Algeria gas supply
Algeria terminates contract to supply gas to Europe via Morocco

The decision by Algeria has worsened the already fraught diplomatic relations between the two countries. It also raises concerns about gas shortage and energy price rise in Europe, with predictions of high demand during the cold winter months

Algeria recalls envoy to France, closes airspace to French military planes

The Algerian government’s actions come following comments by French president Emmanuel Macron, which the government said amounts to foreign interference in its internal affairs