Libya’s disastrous flooding… causes and hope?

The catastrophic damage from the recent flooding in Libya is a direct result of the destruction of the state following NATO’s imperialist intervention in 2011. It took the catastrophe in Derna for Libyans to realize that politicians have no role in serving the people and that a unified national government must be formed so that a genuine national construction takes place

Libya floods
Public anger mounts over poor official response to floods in Libya

Hundreds of people demonstrated in the flood-hit city of Derna against the failure of the authorities to prevent large-scale death and effectively carry out relief and rehabilitation work. Subsequently, the Osama Hammad-led government dismissed the Municipal Council and put all its members under investigation

As death toll in Libya skyrockets, many charge NATO’s 2011 overthrow of government with responsibility

The crumbling infrastructure destroyed during the recent cyclone is a result of the illegal destruction of a sovereign state, some say

Libya flooding
5,000 presumed dead due to flooding in Libya

The city of Derna was among the worst affected due to the bursting of two dams in its vicinity. The flooding took place due to heavy rains caused by the storm Daniel in the Mediterranean Sea

Libya protest against Israel
Protests break out in Libya over rumors of normalization with Israel 

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen has stated that he met Najla Mangoush, the foreign minister in one of Libya’s two rival governments, in Italy last week. However, Mangoush denied that the meeting had anything to do with so-called normalization of ties with Israel

Libya militias clash
27 dead and over 100 injured in fighting between two militias loyal to Libya’s Tripoli-based government

Fighting broke out on Monday between the powerful 444th brigade and the Rada Force or the Special Deterrence Forces (SDF), both working under Libya’s so-called National Unity Government (GNU) led by Abdul Hameid Dbeibah

Migrant deaths Libya Tunisia
At least 27 migrants expelled from Tunisia found dead in Libyan desert

Xenophobic violence against Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia has skyrocketed following the president’s comments that their presence is unwanted

New electoral law Libya
Rival groups in Libya finalize draft electoral law raising prospects of national elections

The disagreement over the electoral law was one of the main issues which led to the postponement of national elections scheduled in December 2021 under the UN-mediated peace agreement 

Fathi Bashagha suspended Libya
Libyan parliament suspends Fathi Bashagha as prime minister of Sirte-based government

The failure of the two rival administrations in Libya to agree on a new electoral law is delaying the national elections and endangering the fragile ceasefire achieved through UN mediation in November 2020

Migrant boats capsize Libya
At least 57 migrants dead after two boats capsize off Libya coast 

The first quarter of this year has been the deadliest since 2017 for migrants trying to cross over to Europe through the Central Mediterranean

UN report on Libya
UN report reveals complicity of EU in crimes committed by Libyan authorities

Ever since NATO’s invasion of the country in 2011, Libya has seen an almost complete deterioration of the rule of law, with armed groups in control of different parts of the country

The boat carrying migrants that capsized off the Libyan coast.
At least 30 migrants missing after boat capsizes in Mediterranean Sea

Migrant aid organizations have blamed Italian authorities for delaying rescue operations despite adequate information and the presence of ships nearby