South Africa
NUMSA calls for boycott of PUTCO bus company over “inhumane” treatment of workers

Around 120 members of NUMSA employed by South African transporter PUTCO, who were suspended following an unprotected strike in 2022 over a wage dispute, have been subject to undignified conditions including a lack of access to decent toilets at the company’s depots.

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor reveals threats to family in wake of ICJ case against Israel

Pandor has reported receiving threats against her and her children and has alleged involvement of Israeli intelligence

For survivors of Johannesburg building fire, justice must include dignified housing

While a commission is probing the uSindiso building fire, that killed 76, social justice organizations have amplified calls to address the severe lack of affordable housing

From South Africa to Palestine: Art, culture, and the anti-apartheid struggle

Anti-apartheid fighter and cultural worker Mongane Wally Serote spoke at a recent event about the centrality of art and culture to the struggle for liberation

ICJ upholds South Africa’s case against Israel, orders measures to prevent genocide in Gaza

While the Court did not grant South Africa’s request for an immediate suspension of Israel’s military operations, it has ordered Israel take “all measures” to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza, including by its military

ICJ to respond to South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

South Africa has asked the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) to issue emergency measures, including ordering Israel to stop all military operations in Gaza, where it has killed over 25,000 Palestinians in an ongoing genocide.

Israel on trial: Historic days in The Hague

Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Elenani was in The Hague when South Africa presented its case against Israel to the ICJ, this is his account of those days when history was made

Deflect and deny: Israel responds to South Africa’s accusation of genocide at ICJ

On January 12, Israel responded to the allegations of genocide raised by South Africa at the ICJ. The court will now decide if it will grant Pretoria’s request for urgent measures, including a halt on Israeli military operations in Gaza.

Genocide as pattern and policy: ICJ hears South Africa’s case against Israel

The International Court of Justice began hearings on South Africa’s case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. South Africa is seeking urgent measures to stop Israel’s military aggression which has killed over 23,000 Palestinians.

Israel scrambles as support for South Africa’s case at the Hague increases

On January 11, the International Court of Justice will hear South Africa’s case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. Pretoria has received support from a growing list of countries as Israel’s ongoing bombardment has killed over 23,000 Palestinians.

Support grows for South Africa’s case against Israel

Bolivia and Malaysia have issued statements of support for Pretoria, which has called on the ICJ to issue urgent measures to stop Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

South Africa takes Israel to ICJ for crime of genocide in Gaza

South Africa has urged the court to issue urgent interim measures including an immediate suspension of Israeli military aggression in and against Gaza.