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Around the world in 8 minutes: Episode 02

This episode of Around the World in 8 minutes takes you to New Delhi, India where millions of defiant workers went on a two-day general strike against the policies of the far-right Narendra Modi government. We also look at a countrywide strike by teachers in Zimbabwe, who are unhappy with their paltry salaries, and report on the systematic targeting of social leaders in Colombia.

(Around the world in 8 minutes, is a brand new show from Peoples Dispatch where we bring you news from people’s movements and organizations across the globe.)

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A Tribute to Comrade Dr. Amit Sengupta

Dr. Amit Sengupta, a comrade, beloved colleague, friend, mentor, and activist passed away on 28 November 2018, in a swimming accident in Goa, India. Amit Sengupta, a medical graduate from the Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, played a leading role in many progressive movements, the most significant of which was the Peoples Science Movement (PSM) in India and the global Health Movement. Amit was an active member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) since 1978, and he strove to promote a Marxist perspective in all the activities he was part of.

Amit was a founding member of People’s Health Movement at its creation in 2000 in Savar, Bangladesh.

Trained as a medical doctor, Amit dedicated his life to the struggle for universal access to health, and worked on issues related to public health, pharmaceuticals policy and intellectual property rights. He led several research projects in the area of public health and medicines policy, and was associated with several civil society platforms and networks, including the All India People’s Science Network. He was the Associate Global Coordinator of People’s Health Movement (PHM) and coordinated the editorial group of the Global Health Watch and the WHO Watch. He was the Co-Convenor of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA), the Indian Chapter of PHM. He wrote regularly for journals and newspapers across India and the world.

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