Indian workers and farmer stage historic three-day protest

The three-day nationwide protest called by central trade unions and farmers’ organizations against government policies concluded on November 28 with a call to defeat the ruling BJP in the 2024 elections if key demands are not met

Participants in Queer Pride March in Delhi call for the liberation of Palestine

Waving rainbow flags and multicolored balloons, the participants denounced the Israeli apartheid state and raised free Palestine slogans stressing “none of us are free until all of us are free”

Himalayas need an alternative model, financially as well as ecologically

Himalayas are the youngest range of mountains and are still in the formative stages. This means that this area is extremely sensitive to earthquakes, and frictional shear rocks are present in this area. Constructing in this zone is dangerous

Indian trade unions stand with Palestine, reject “export deal” to replace Palestinian workers in Israel

India’s Central Trade Union Organizations, representing approximately 100 million workers, have strongly condemned reported talks between New Delhi and Israel that could see the “export” of up to 100,000 Indian workers to replace Palestinian workers

India’s yearly air haze carnival is here!

The high baseline AQI of around 200-250 in almost all major Indian cities is a matter of concern. However, instead of holistic solutions, what the country is witnessing is panic-driven knee-jerk reactions and false solutions offered by all and sundry without any scientific basis or evidence-based reasoning

Cement workers deaths India
Precarious jobs, low earnings, and unpaid work haunt India’s economy

A recently released government report captures a reality where unpaid labor, especially of women, has increased significantly, informal work has increased, agriculture is increasingly the mainstay of work, and low-paying self-employment dominates the world of work

Junk food India
The Junk Push: ultra-processed food industry gains ground in India

A recent report details how aggressive marketing strategies are influencing Indians to consume more ultra-processed food (UPF), colloquially known as junk food, and therefore undermining the health of thousands

Indians refuse to be complicit in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

From major apparel makers to tech workers to trade unions and farmers’ movements, people across India have refused to be complicit in the ongoing siege on Gaza, while opposition parties have extended their support to the Palestinian cause

Pro-Palestine solidarity protest by Indian students suppressed by force

Scores of student activists were detained and prevented from holding a protest outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi

India’s top court refuses to recognize same-sex marriage

A majority decision by the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court ruled against recognizing the same-sex marriage, despite acknowledging discrimination against LGBT+ couples

Thousands of women march in Delhi to protest Modi government’s anti-women, anti-poor policies

On October 5, 10,000 women from over 25 states across India gathered in Delhi to denounce the rise of sectarian politics and worsening socio-economic conditions

430+ journalists, political leaders, artists, and academics sign statement in support of Newsclick

Days after the mass raids on journalists in India, personalities from over 30 countries reject the attack on press freedom and call for the immediate release of those detained