Kerala, India’s Communist-led state, provides a model for digital literacy

“Little Kites” program introduced in public schools in 2018 has prepared over 1.2 million students for the future with a sense of community and sharing

Just one month since Modi’s reelection, Indian students and youth keep pressure on in the streets

Students and youth activists in India have been protesting the policies of the Narendra Modi government to undermine the education sector through centralization of curriculums and testing

New Lancet study shows air pollution kills 33,000 people every year in India’s major urban centers

Most of the victims of bad air in India’s major cities are working people who cannot access adequate healthcare facilities

Indian students and youth protest corruption in entrance exams

Repeated cancellations, corruption, and exclusivity have disrupted the future of millions of students who write these centralized examinations every year to get admission into professional and higher study courses and certain careers

Activists call megaproject on India’s Great Nicobar island “ecocide”

The Indian government wants to build a mega infrastructure project which would impact over a million trees on the Great Nicobar Island and endanger rare species of animals and Indigenous communities

Forced departure of foreign correspondent from India sparks concerns over press freedom

In addition to the crackdown on Indian journalists and media outlets, the right-wing Narendra Modi-led government has repeatedly denied visas to foreign correspondents critical to its policies

How a communist peasant leader defeated a BJP incumbent in North India

Amra Ram is one of the eight left leaders elected from different parts of the country to represent working class in the Indian parliament’s lower chamber, Lok Sabha, usually dominated by the country’s rich

Right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party fails to secure a majority in India’s national elections

The deepening economic disparities and threats to India’s constitution during the last ten years of PM Narendra Modi’s rule were some of the key issues raised during these general elections

India’s BJP faces ire of farmers in final phase of elections

The ruling Modi government has failed to implement key agreements made with the farmers’ movement and is now facing protest after protest by farmers’ organizations on the campaign trail

NewsClick founder Prabir Purkayastha to be released on bail after arrest ruled illegal

Police charged Prabir and NewsClick with colluding with foreign powers to sabotage India on the basis of a New York Times “hit piece” published in August 2023 which targeted several other anti-war organizations in the US as well

Student leaders are leading the left revival in India’s national elections

In West Bengal, where left parties were elected to rule for over three decades until 2011, over a half dozen young leaders are waging a battle to defeat sectarian, anti-people politics of the right-wing parties

India’s BJP defends the super rich by giving wealth redistribution policy a sectarian color during general elections

Inequality has grown in India at a rapid pace in the last several decades with the top 1% of country’s population now owning more than 40% of national wealth and controlling over 22% of its national income