Iran launches retaliatory strikes against Israel

The strikes came less than two weeks after Israel launched an attack on Iranian diplomatic premises in Syria

Al-Quds Day mobilization takes on new importance amid Israel’s genocide of Gaza

International Al-Quds Day launches mass expression of solidarity across regional resistance and global Palestine solidarity movement

The US and its allies refuse to condemn Israeli attacks on Iranian consulate in Syria

Iran and Syria claimed in the UN Security Council that the US is equally responsible for the Israeli attacks inside Syria but asserted that no amount of attacks can dissuade them from supporting Palestine

Senior Iranian commander killed in Israeli bombing in Syria

The terrorist attack against the Iranian consulate in Damascus assassinated senior commander of the IRGC, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, in a major escalation

China, Russia, Iran naval drills challenge US domination of the seas

The naval exercise carried out by the three countries was noteworthy given the geostrategic importance of the Gulf of Oman and the increased cooperation between the countries at a time of growing threats from the United States

Iran accuses Israel of using “blind terrorism” to cover up its military failures in Gaza

Israel has been carrying out air strikes in Lebanon and Syria allegedly targeting Hezbollah and Iranian targets in clear attempts to provoke a regional war

Pakistan retaliates with strikes inside Iran killing nine

Pakistan’s strike was in retaliation to an Iranian attack on Tuesday which targeted against alleged bases of the group Jaish al-Adl. The terrorist outfit had claimed responsibility for a attack in Iran in December

Iran targets alleged Mossad center in Iraqi Kurdistan

IRGC also claimed it targeted Islamic State locations in the rebel-held areas of Syria and a terrorist base in Pakistan in retaliation to terrorist attacks in Kerman and Rask earlier in January and December respectively

103 killed in terrorist attack near Qassem Soleimani’s burial site in Iran

103 were killed and 188 injured in two explosions during a ceremony marking the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani

Iran deploys warship in Red Sea amidst rising tensions

The US attacked three Yemeni boats on Sunday, killing 10 Houthi fighters due to claims that they were attacking a ship heading to Israel

Iran dismisses IAEA claims of increased rate of uranium enrichment, calls it routine activity

Iran has claimed that the US is trying to rake up the issue of Iranian nuclear program now to divert attention from its support to Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza

Iran and Cuba call for a global coalition to protect Palestinian rights

Cuba and Iran have also increased their bilateral cooperation to counter the effects of illegal unilateral measures imposed on them by the US.