WFP announces halting food distribution in Houthi-held northern Yemen

Close to 17 million of Yemenis, out of a total population of over 30 million, are dependent on food aid to avoid starvation. A majority of them live in the Houthi-controlled areas

Yemen’s armed forces resume attacks against Israel, affirm solidarity with Palestine

Yemen’s naval forces, under the command of the Houthis, launched direct attacks against Israeli-linked ships in the Bab Al-Mandab Strait on December 3. The Armed Forces have also announced the resumption of strikes against the Israeli occupation as it continues its genocidal bombing of Gaza.

Houthis capture vessel in Red Sea with links to Israel and call for immediate ceasefire

The Yemeni group stated that if Israel does not stop its attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, the conflict could take on regional proportions

Houthi-led Yemeni Armed Forces announce strikes against Israel

The forces stated that the decision was made in affirmation of the stand taken by the Yemeni people in support of the Palestinian cause

Yemen Houthis-Saudi talks
Houthi delegation holds first direct talks with Saudi Arabia in Riyadh

According to the Yemeni delegation, the talks were focused on critical issues related to payment of salaries, lifting of the blockade, and withdrawal of foreign troops. The Saudi-led international coalition continues to maintain a devastating blockade on Houthi-controlled regions

World Food Programme Yemen
Yemeni government criticizes World Food Programme’s decision to cut humanitarian aid to the country

Citing lack of funds, the World Food Programme (WFP) has announced the scaling down of its aid operations in the country starting from September. The decision will affect millions of people in the blockaded country

Yemen responds to US troops in West Asia
Houthis express concern about US troops surge in West Asia

The US has supported the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in the war in Yemen by providing armament and technical support. It has also helped in implementing the Saudi sea blockade by seizing some Yemen-bound ships

Yemen peace talks
Warring parties in Yemen resume Oman-mediated peace talks to end the war 

The peace talks had been suspended in July after the two sides could not reach an agreement on a number of economic and humanitarian issues

Yemen Youtube channels banned
Houthis say YouTube’s ban on its channels in Yemen is part of West-imposed media blockade 

Over a dozen YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands followers belonging to different groups in Houthi-run areas of Yemen were blocked on Monday. Ansar Allah called the ban arbitrary and an act of “intellectual terrorism

Can there be peace in Yemen without addressing the climate crisis?

The climate catastrophe in 2022 affected over 510,000 people directly and intensified the humanitarian crisis, which led to a 93% increase in displacement.

Climate change Yemen
Climate change is intensifying humanitarian crisis in war-affected Yemen

A fact sheet prepared by SIPRI and NUPI warns that the climate crisis in Yemen needs urgent international attention as competition over scarce water resources and fertile land may jeopardize the possibility of peace in the country

Yemen peace talks
Houthis apprehensive about US meddling in ongoing peace talks in Yemen

The US has increased its diplomatic activities with regard to the Yemen conflict following the announcement of talks between Houthis and Saudi Arabia. A key Houthi leader warned that the United States seeks to obstruct peace efforts