The German state’s crackdown on solidarity with Palestine

Samidoun is an international organization, working for the cause of Palestinian prisoners. On the 2nd of November, Samidoun was banned by the Ministry of Interior in Germany.

German people’s movements march in solidarity with Palestine

As thousands took to the streets in Germany, people’s movements condemned the government’s crackdown on solidarity with Palestine. They also spoke out against the Olaf Scholz government’s complicity in Israel’s war on Gaza

Germany bans public grieving and solidarity with Palestine

Germany’s criminalization of solidarity with Palestine has taken on entirely new dimensions since October 7

Persecution of Leftists - Germany
Anti-fascists in Germany protest persecution of leftist activist

SDAJ activist and education unionist Luca has been facing prosecution and a career ban for his active involvement in leftist struggles and union activities

Germany Kerala nurses
German health workforce strategy depends on nursing drain from India

Germany’s bid to address its nursing shortage through international recruitment spans Latin America, eastern Europe, and Asia. India, especially the State of Kerala, finds itself among the top cadre providers

Foreign recruitment of nurses Germany, Brazil
Will Germany’s bid to address shortage of nurses put more pressure on Brazil’s health system?

As Germany seeks to recruit overseas nurses to bridge its healthcare staff deficit, questions are arising about the strategy’s impact on the health systems of source countries

Hospital reform in Germany: revolution, reform, or label redesign? 

As lawmakers in Germany undertake hospital reform, health workers’ associations and others warn that it fails to address impact of commercialization of health

10-08 Minimum wage - Germany
German trade unions slam inadequate raise in minimum wage

The Minimum Wage Commission has agreed to a meager hike in the hourly minimum wage against calls by trade unions for a raise at par with inflation

Afd Conference - Germany
First as tragedy, then as a farce: AfD recalibrates the slogan ‘Germany first’ 

The far-right party’s ‘Germany first’ campaign in many ways resembles the Nazi campaign for German supremacy propagated during the Hitler era, marked with militarism and racism

Germany arms supply to Ukraine
Germany creates equity in western Ukraine

Germany is playing the long game. It is creating equity in western Ukraine where it is not Russia but Poland that is its contender as it is entirely conceivable that the ongoing war will radically change the territorial boundaries of Ukraine in the east and south

6-07 Right to housing - Berlin
Housing rights coalition asks Berlin government to socialize corporate-owned housing properties

An expert committee constituted to assess the feasibility and legality of implementing the mandate of the 2021 Berlin referendum submitted its final report last month. The report states that the expropriation of properties of real estate firms with 3,000 or more units is legally permissible

Palestinian journalist dismissed by DW
German court rules in favor of Palestinian journalist dismissed by DW over allegations of anti-Semitism  

Seven Arab journalists critical of the Israeli occupation of Palestine were dismissed by DW in February 2022 over allegations that their social media posts and articles published elsewhere were “anti-Semitic”