‘Polytechnic’ of resistance: 50 years of the historic uprising in Athens

A students’ strike in Athens Polytechnic on November 14, 1973, escalated to an open revolt which marked the beginning of the end of the US-backed military junta

Greek communists condemn government’s complicity in Israeli war on Gaza

The Communist Party of Greece and other anti-imperialist forces are mobilizing against the government’s complicity in imperialist wars. They have also demanded that Greek forces and military assets not be deployed in the war on Gaza

26-09 Odigits fest - Greece
49th Odigits Festival in Greece reinforces working-class solidarity 

Over 100,000 people participated in the three day festival underscoring humanity and working-class solidarity and highlighting that “the people save the people in instances of crisis”

21-09 Greek protests 1
Thousands of Greek workers take to the streets in national strike against government’s anti-labor bill

Unions organized a country-wide strike against a bill introduced by the conservative New Democracy government in Greece. The bill seeks to increase daily and weekly working hours, among other changes

Widespread outrage in Greece over government handling of floods, wildfire

Around 5,000 people have been evacuated from the flood-ravaged parts of Thessaly and around 73,000 hectares of farmland have been ravaged. The Greek Left has criticized the austerity policies of the government for eroding the systemic ability of the country to respond to such crises

27-07 Greek fires
Deadly fires a new normal in the Greek calendar

The latest round of wildfires has exposed the Greek government’s lack of preparedness in dealing with disasters. Extreme climate events have been occurring frequently in many parts of Europe due to climate change

26-06 Greek elections
Conservative New Democracy wins majority in Greek parliamentary elections, far-right makes gains

The conservative New Democracy (ND) party led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis secured a simple majority by winning 158 seats in the 300-seat parliament. Three far-right parties won seats in the new parliament, marking a strong return of the far-right following the ban on the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in 2020

Migrant boat capsizes Greece
At least 79 migrants dead and hundreds missing after boat sinks off Greece coast 

The number of dead is expected to rise as rescue operations are still ongoing. The ship had an estimated 500 to 700 migrants, mostly from West Asian and Northern Africa countries

Right-wing New Democracy party falls just short of majority in Greek polls, surge in seats for communists

While pro-government sections and media are celebrating the performance of the ND, analysts have noted its loss of majority in the house and the surge in popularity for working class forces that are in the opposition

Communist-backed student movement emerges as leading force in in Greek university elections

Panspoudastiki KS, which is backed by the Communist Youth of Greece, won 19,632 votes, securing over 35.04% of the total votes polled for the student unions of 266 universities across Greece on May 10

Greek government forced to rescind controversial circular on doctors’ duty

Intended to manage the shortage of doctors in public healthcare facilities in the country, the circular required available doctors to treat patients irrespective of their specialization, which doctors’ unions assert will put patients’ lives at risk and could also put doctors in trouble

5-04 Greek Protests
Greek workers intensify protests against further privatization of water utilities

On March 21, the Greek parliament passed a bill to revamp the Energy Regulatory Authority as the Waste, Energy, and Water Regulatory Authority, and expand its scope to include water and urban services. Unions and the communist party say that this will pave the way for further privatization