Slovakia breaks from Western consensus

The Slovak Social Democracy (SMER-SD) party won the parliamentary election in Slovakia on a platform critical of the EU and NATO

19-05 Political Crisis - Slovakia
Ukraine war a critical issue in upcoming elections in Slovakia as Eduard Heger steps down

President Zuzana Čaputová has now installed a technocrat caretaker cabinet headed by central bank deputy governor Ľudovít Ódor to run the government till the general elections scheduled on September 30

Workers' Strike - Slovakia
Slovakian transport workers’ strike forces authorities to the negotiation table

Workers of the Transport Company of the City of Kosice have been demanding refinancing of the company, an increase in wages, fairer contracts, and job security

Socialist Protest - Slovakia (1)
Anti-imperialists in Slovakia protest proposal for defense agreement with US

Talks on the Agreement on Defence Cooperation between Slovakia and the US concluded earlier this month. The agreement, likely to be approved in January 2022, is being criticized by progressive sections as a move that will compromise the sovereignty of Slovakia

Political Crisis-Slovakia
Political crisis in Slovakia derails fight against COVID-19 

The incumbent coalition government in Slovakia is mired in a political crisis over disagreements on the procurement of Sputnik V vaccines from Russia, even as the country faces an acute COVID-19 crisis

Slovak Protests
On anniversary of ‘Velvet Revolution,’ Slovakian left denounces betrayal of people

Every year, rallies are held in Slovakia on the anniversary of the ‘Velvet Revolution’ which marked the transition from communism. This year, the left and other sections too protested against the government and the policies of the past three decades

Communists allege discrimination in official commemoration of Slovak resistance

Slovak National Uprising Museum authorities have denied permission to the KSS, saying the 76th anniversary of the uprising will be held as an apolitical event. This is despite ruling party representatives being invited

Slovakia pro-EU/NATO joint declaration
Progressives in Slovakia slam pro-EU/NATO joint declaration by leadership

The declaration emphasizes that EU and NATO membership is vital for Slovakia. It also envisages increasing defense spending along with the preparation of a new security strategy

Investigative Journalism Slovakia
Slovakian journalists refuse PM-elect’s offer to fund investigative journalism

PM-elect Igor Matovic has proposed state funds for investigative journalism, a move that is being viewed as an attempt to patronize and subjugate independent journalism in the country

Slovak workers march seeking greater wages

The call for the demonstration was given by OZ KOVO labor union, a Slovakian affiliate of IndustriAll. The union and the Communist Party of Slovakia said that while productivity levels matched that of Europe, workers’ wages lagged far behind