United Kingdom
“Tories Out!”: Thousands protest Conservative Party conference in Manchester

Anti-racism and anti-war groups, trade unions, climate activists, and NHS workers participated in a demonstration s cost of living skyrockets in the UK

Activists harshly criticize Sunak government’s approval for Rosebank oil and gas field project

Activists say the operationalization of the Rosebank oil and gas fields is a severe blow to the UK’s commitment to save the planet and humanity. They have demanded a focus on renewable energy schemes

RAAC crisis - UK
Decades of austerity leave school and hospital buildings crumbling in the UK

The Department for Education ordered over a hundred schools to be fully or partially closed due to the imminent danger of collapse of roofs, ceilings and other parts of the buildings where reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) has been used 

Refugee deaths - UK
Progressives protest refugee deaths in the English Channel

Six Afghan men lost their lives when an overcrowded refugee boat capsized in the English Channel on August 12. Activists say the inhumane policies of the Tory government are responsible for these deaths

5-08 YCL case - UK
Glasgow court acquits YCL activist charged during COP26 climate protest

Nathan Hennebry was one of over 50 people arrested during the course of the COP26 protests in Glasgow

20-07 UK Protests
Progressives in the UK protest Tory government’s anti-refugee policies

The notorious Illegal Migration Bill pushed by the Tories was passed by the UK parliament and received royal assent on July 20. It has been fiercely opposed by a activist groups and leftist forces

Ukraine war UK politics
Ukraine war takes toll on UK politics

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace that he will be leaving the cabinet and quitting politics is much more than about himself or British politics. It is likely that US President Joe Biden’s vetoing of his candidacy for the post of the next secretary-general of the NATO played a significant part

75 years of NHS UK
The NHS at 75 years: A sharp turn needed to fight health inequities

75 years after its establishment, the NHS continues to enjoy strong support among health workers and patients, but struggles under the burden of divestment and prioritization of the private sector

British Defense Minister confirms that “conduct of special forces” in Afghanistan is the focus of investigation

The “conduct” that is being investigated includes the killing of Afghan civilians by British Special Forces. According to Leigh Day, a law firm representing the families of the victims, at least 80 Afghans were killed by these forces between 2010 and 2013 

UK government’s long-term health workforce plan fails to address existing grievances
UK government’s long-term health workforce plan fails to address existing grievances

Rishi Sunak’s government has announced a ‘historic’ plan to build health workforce over the next 15 years, but health workers’ organizations say it fails to address the grievances that have been raised by health workers

Child health UK
Child nutrition in shambles: how the cost of living crisis is hurting child health in the UK

A new series of reports show the devastating effects the cost of living crisis is having on child nutrition in Britain

29-06 UK Rwanda Deal
London Court of Appeal rules against UK deal to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda 

The UK and Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership signed in April 2022 to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda for processing their asylum and resettlement had sparked an international outcry