Paraguayan students and peasants demand greater budget for public education

The National Federation of Secondary Students denounced that Paraguay is one of the Latin American countries that invests the least in the education sector

Paraguayan healthcare professionals begin a 30-day-long strike

Healthcare professionals are demanding salary equalization, medical insurance and funds for the reopening of a research laboratory

Paraguayan professors demand just salaries

Most teachers and academic staff at the National University of Asunción have not been given a salary increase in 12 years

Thousand of Paraguayans take part in peasant march demanding land reform

The march was organized by the National Peasant Federation and also saw participation from left-leaning political parties and trade unions. Peasants condemned the government of Mario Abdo Benítez for its focus on the agro-export model and ignoring small producers

Citizens’ protest against mayor in Concepción, Paraguay enters fifth month

Citizens are demanding the resignation of mayor Alejandro Urbieta, who is accused of the fraudulent sale of municipal land at the Nanawa Port, corruption and mismanagement of public resources

Right-wing leader takes over as Paraguayan president

Mario Benitez, a staunch opponent of same sex marriage and legalizing abortion, is controversial for his family’s links to the regime of dictator Alfredo Stroessner

11 peasants in Paraguay freed after 6 years in prison

The peasants were unjustly incarcerated after the massacre of Curuguaty in 2012

Paraguay’s high undertrial population a failure of courts, government: report

The country tops Latin America and is fourth in the world in terms of the percentage of undertrials

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