North America
US officials brazenly deny genocide

The United States continues its policy of unconditionally supporting Israel, but not without significant protest from below

The US state of Arizona just effectively banned abortion

The attack on abortion rights continues in the United States, with Arizona’s new law becoming one of the most extreme yet

19 California university students arrested for Palestine solidarity protest

Students at Pomona College in Southern California were heavily repressed after staging pro-Palestine protest

As the US deliberately starves the Cuban people, solidarity activists launch campaign to send flour

The People’s Forum, based in the United States, has launched a solidarity campaign with Cuban neighbors living under brutal US blockade

After killing of US aid worker in Gaza, the US doubles down on military aid to Israel

While Israel slaughters US civilians, President Biden shows no sign of stopping the steady flow of weapons to the Zionist state

Palestine solidarity protesters attacked by police in Toronto

During a Land Day mobilization in Toronto, protesters were brutally repressed by Canadian police on horseback

Incarcerated organizers complete eight weeks of Alabama prison shutdown

Prisoners in Alabama have been organizing for years against a prison system which upholds modern day slavery

Baltimore bridge collapse: how exploitation caved in on itself and led to worker deaths

As the Coast Guard ends its search for six missing construction workers, the US laments over preventable deaths

Julian Assange’s extradition appeal hangs in the balance as UK court seeks US “assurances”

The UK High Court has granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange provisional permission to appeal his extradition to the US, on grounds including the risk of the death penalty.

Palestinian trade unions call on US labor to take concrete action against Israel’s genocide

In a statement, the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions called on US trade unionists to intensify their actions to put an end to the US-backed genocide in Gaza

Arab countries ask Israel to open all crossings with Gaza and demand immediate ceasefire

The Palestinian Authority criticized repeated visits made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the region as futile for failing to make Israel comply with both the UN resolutions and ICJ’s interim orders

Israeli Defense Minister to come to US with weapons wishlist

Millions in North America push for an arms embargo against Israel as the Zionist state comes to beg at Biden’s door