US war games in Pacific seek global participation in imperialist maneuvers

Hawaiian activists call on nations who condemn the genocide in Gaza to withdraw from Rim of the Pacific War Games organized by the US military and illegally hosted on Hawaiian land.

Anti-war organizers on the Pacific coast protest US military exercises

Cancel RIMPAC and Resist NATO coalitions denounce US-led military exercises taking place in Hawai’i

Hawaii wildfires
Several weeks after devastating wildfires, Native Hawaiian farmers resist attempt to shift blame

The ultra-right and the government are behind a narrative that implies that Indigenous sovereignty and water rights are to blame for the delay in dousing the Maui wildfires. Indigenous Hawaiians are resisting this campaign and have put forward a charter of demands

Maui wildfire devastation exposes the legacy of colonialism

The worst natural disaster in Hawaiian history is still blazing, where Indigenous residents are being pushed out of their homes