Air Quality Index
The struggles of gig workers amid rising air pollution

There is a dichotomy within the gig economy in terms of whether workers are engaged in low-income tasks or at the highest level. The air pollution crisis is a stark illustration of this dichotomy as the lowest-earning gig workers fulfill their commitments cloaked in the ominous toxic smog

India’s yearly air haze carnival is here!

The high baseline AQI of around 200-250 in almost all major Indian cities is a matter of concern. However, instead of holistic solutions, what the country is witnessing is panic-driven knee-jerk reactions and false solutions offered by all and sundry without any scientific basis or evidence-based reasoning

When New York’s skies turned orange

Environmental activist Tina Landis talks about the recent decline in air quality index in New York due to the fire in Quebec. She explains how colonial history and commodification led to a rise of fires, and the impact of the fuel fossil industry

Australian bushfires 25 dead as the Australian bushfires rage on for the fifth month

Despite being the biggest calamity that Australia has faced in generations, the government is yet to take any decisive steps to contain the bushfires raging across the country